My Friends Are Djs #67 - "Unreal"

In the dj world...unreal and impossible things are very much a real possibility on a daily basis, no manner what logical device you use, so I wanted to illustrate that. It took a while to get the well-known "3-pole"illusion down right....it involves a ruler.The background is the side of a building in False Creek and highly altered to look like a surreal streetscape.


My Friends Are Djs #66 - "Boxed In"

If you have djs as friends or if you;re a huge dance music fan, etc....you very much what this time of year in the dj world. The Dj Mag Top100 voting season. Honestly I think its meh in the actually musical merit field and its just popularity contest.. I mean how can you even rank the arts in 1...2..3. If you friends are djs in the running things can get a little crazy like your friends being on spam mode last year....he likes being a spammers (you know who you are amici). Thankfully the djs who are my friends are not spam campaigning at the moment...if they were I would have stuffed them into...ok I won't!


My Friends Are Djs #65 - "Remix #1.5"

Well decided to expand and experiment abit more on the continuous line drawing so we now have Ethereal's Sister Telu-Rica joining in to make a continuous line forest. The original unaltered back ground was taken at Capilano Suspension bridge. I just free handed the line drawings and it was tricky to altered/ add in the background on the computer with some lines disappearing by accident and me filling them back in. The paint program used for editing stuff like adding in the background is OpenCanvas 6. The drawings themselves were painted and drawn by hand.


Gamer's Review - Hyperdmension Neptunia Rebirth1 (First Dip)

Well this is novel idea and can only exist in the Japanese anime/gaming fandom world of what?! This would happens when gaming consoles and the gaming industry in general are rendered as hyper powered girls. Reminds me of my trip to Akihabara...that's anime/electronics district in Tokyo. Welcome to the world of Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth1...where four goddesses rule over a portion of the Gameindustri world, each representing/themed after a gaming console. However as pointed out the opening prologue all is not peaceful as the 4 are fighting over "shares" in the world int he "Console Wars" and a mysterious voice suggests banish Neptune.

I think she's representing PS3

Representing Wii

Representing Xbox

Representing Sega Neptune

Well other then I hope this is not a hentai...based one scene here.....

It's been fun so far....basically gameplay with action-adventure with visual novel elements, navigating around a map with dialogue scenes playing out akin to a visual novel but switching to 3rdperson view during exploration segments. The actual battle is combo of turn based as you are positioning the character and entering in attack combos/skills during the "Turn". The entire art style is basically.....anime kawaii love with ALOT of video-gaming and game industry references/parodies tossed around....I am loving the Mecha Musume style of battle armor these girls don during the fever pitch. Oh what is going to happen next....proving to be cute and hilarious so far.

Gamer's Review - Next Penelope ( First Dipping)

Well this game actually been hiding in my humble bundle cache for a bit but decided to installed it after falling in love with the electronica-retro style soundtrack, and the very unique take on Greek mythology.

Next Penelope is a very futuristic take on the Iliad and Odyssey by Homer with Penelope being charged/threaten by the alien Poseidon to find Odysseus across the galaxy for the sake of her people. Nope Penelope is not sulking at home...she;s taking a spaceship and racing across the galaxy Imagine ancient Greek columns and architecture fitted in a very techno-colour retro-futuristic spacey setting...this is where the art style very much shines. Retro-future mythology hmm? The music is carries out the retro-futuristic style....with some synth mixed and a touch of progressive, You wouldn't even know the game is ancient Greek culture motif-ed.

Now I admit, I haven't played a true racing game in a very long time so I had problems trying to get used to the racing controls...most of it bumping into walls and mis-jumping off a cliff. Gameplay is played top down with Penelope's ship automatically accelerating and you have control of turning/avoiding walls and obstacles that will slow you down and chop away at your ship's energy (eventually you get more weapons)....while a giant alien thing from Poseidon is chasing you as you are racing towards the check point...hurry up!


My Friends Are Djs #64 - "Remix #1"

Well a professional artist friend encourage to doodle every day if possible so I did and during all that doodling I experimented with sketching with one continuous ink line when sketching the plants around me. In this case Ethereal is "remixing" herself using both of her tails to create an art piece of herself....2 continues inky lines were drawn.,,absolutely no breaks in the lines. The background is actually a picture of jelly fish at the Vancouver highly altered to monochrome.


My Friends Are Djs #63 - "Envy"

Well this was made along side the other "hand" demon so because I felt Envy and Pride are similar in that "grab" things for similar reasons. "Fisher" is "siblings" with Invidia of the previous panel....plus all the same mysterious species as Scourage and Lucid. Why the underwater motifs for envy? Tow = Undertow. Yep,traveling in the clubbing and artistic world, I had many encounters with envious stuff. The background was taken by me at the mini aquarium located int he international departure lounge....then highly altered with filters to make it look monochrome green.