My Friends Are Djs #113 - "Home"

Was just brainstorming and toying with poetry....it's true. For a dj, there is no place like after and during the big tour around the world.


Vinai Night in Vancouver 2017 with the flu!

Well it was a duo mission when me and friend are off to see the Italian sibling duo the Vinai brothers! With the added bonus of the flu!!!!!! ACHOOOOO!

 Well because of that I couldn't wear my original plan club cosplay of Talonflame because the vest is so tight fitting I couldn't sneeze or cough properly so had to switch last minute to the Kyogre look including doing all the extensive face make up in record timing. Well other then driving my friend crazy with my paranoia (sorry!) and ACHOOOO the night went awesome! Hehe my flu actually proved to be useful. Literally no one wanted to be near us the entire night as soon they hear me coughing....some actually fleeing hehehe. Well as the night went, the happy-musical emotions actually slowly "cured" me, almost. I felt much better at the end of the night.

As for the actual show...yep the Vinai brother blew the roof up with their big room energy and wow! It got louder!

Well THE highlight of the night....we got a chance to meet Vinai for a brief moment. Oh boy I wonder what they're thinking when the white face-painted one they smile is in the line up hehe. We all chatted like how me and friend discovered their music. For me, I told my friends are their friends introduced me to their music. they looked very puzzled when I said that. However they smile with glee when I said it was the "Djs from Mars" who introduced me. "Yes yes, they introduced me to your music.." Alessandro Vinai then finishes it with..."then BOOM!" He did say boom! Yep that was a night to remember.


My Friends Are Djs #112 - "Self Portrait"

Actually this picture is kind of old....just sketching about the idea of remixing even coloured it in but never figured how this would go. I decided to write a very surrealist poem about self portraits.


My Friends Are Djs #111 - "Take a Wager"

Just playing with peotry after thinking about the time my friend teased the audience when they requested an encore song. "Oh you want more?" *giggles" I wodnered....what will the audience think ro wish as the last song of the set? Will take make bets on it?


My Friends Are Djs #110 - "Stage Buddy"

Well even with asking politely....I'm still not allowed on stage with my dj friend. Already I get the message. This panel is based on said conversation...thankfully he was being polite about it.


My Friends Are Djs #109 - "I am Lasher"

Brainstormed more character poetry. Needlepoint Lasher is an interesting character to compose poems for....even though she is the most insane dj out of the entire cast (imagine if Dillon Francis or Deadmau5 were females) yet she has a sane-zen like side to her. She's professional dj, she has to be sane to some degree. Illustration is combination of water colour and pencil crayons.


My Friends Are Djs #108 - "Communication Complication"

Well during a brainstorming session....I was reflecting on social media's effects and how Telu is basically the persona of its pros and cons. So I'll just her speak for herself in verse.