My Friends Are Djs #92 - "Pretty?"

This couplet came about after seeing an article about a person offering females a trip to Cochella music festival with some VERRRY creepy catches. What Telu is snarking about is a paraphrase of some of the requests. Girls..never submit to creeps.


My Friends Are Djs #91 - "Enjoy Verse"

Well another piece from a brainstorming session....personally extremely uncomfortable at festivals soooo I prefer to enjoy my music in the comfort of my adobe most of the time.


My Friends Are Djs #90 - "Infinity Haiku"

Knowing it;s going to be the first panel of the new year, tried to go brainstorm an appropriate poem for the occasion, Although felt, I could have done better portraying Komodo in more meditative pose. Although the haiku came out well, highlighting Komodo;s thoughts on his very old age and the experiences that go with it. He's at least 5000 years old.


My Friends Are Djs #89 - "Front and Back"

Experimented more with the reverse poetry form...notice its the same words just backwards and forwards. I was also thinking do fans and djs alike experience similar emotion before the show starts?


Gamer's Review - "The Metronomicon"

If I could describe this game in a nutshell, I would say its Dance Dance Revolution meets Dungeons and Dragons at a rave! Yep welcome to "The Metronomicon", the world is being invaded by weird, dancing monsters and up to the masters of musical-rhythmic magical-combat arts to fend them off. Hmm reminds of Game of Thrones rave (it's real!)....Yep its that insane as it sound but it got one of the most awesome tracks to grace any indie game.....synth, EDM, rock, electro mixture. One of the main reasons I got this game was Shiny Toy Gun's "Live it up".

The style-look is fusion rave culture/colours meets medieval fantasy. A discotheque dance floor in the middle of fairy forest. If you seen pictures of the infamous Game of Throne rave that popped up one day....you get the idea but with alot of more blinding colours, more on Dungeons and Dragons style and insane monsters. Lets just say Party Animals are actual monstrous, raving animals that will hurt you.

The game mechanics functions like an RPG with class-system, exp. points, elemental weaknesses and equipment while launching attacks at the enemy...but to perform attacks to have to string-time together notes alias Dance Dance Revolution. Yes you still have to use strategic tactics not just button mash. Thats interesting!

So far it's proving to be an interesting ride....


My Friends Are Djs #88 - "Free Fall'n"

This came about a poetry brainstorming session and experimenting with reverse poetry. I was just thinking about the happy emotions associated the musical world then thought...the birdy-bots sisters (Albatross and Seagull) would be appropriate to illustrate the poem. Yes I know I made a spelling mistake.


My Friends Are Djs #87 - "Haiku Hums"

Was brainstorming and writing down poems....its true when your friends are djs that tour alot, time with them face to face is very rare but for listening to their music makes it feel like they are here. In the comic's universe, music is actual energy force infused with soul fragments sometimes. Music is life in this world. The "energy" thing is suppose to resemble Poco's real beady eyed form. Oh yeh whoever thinks poems are easy to compose....are idiots! it's harder then it looks to compose poems...kudos to lyric makers too. Tried for a haiku style this time.