Animation Exhibit at Science World

Wow for fans of animation and those who are curious to know what goes into making those beloved cartoons....this is a must see while its lasts. First of all you know sometime is going to be awesome when you're greeted by this.....What time is it?!?!!?

Animation is a beautiful medium enjoy all, young and old and alot of parts goes into making your favorite cartoons. Stepping into the exhibit feels like you're entering the heart of a toon world which in this case is the world of Cartoon Network and Hanna-Barbera which must seen to be believed. It was awesome to see life size mockups of Dexter's lab and co. Various stations scattered through out the exhibit explain in a hands on fashion the various processes of animation including trying out your hand at voicing a scene (do i really sound like that?!"), visual effects and animating frame by frame. This part I found to be very engaging. For animation history buffs there was a cartoon museum showcasing memorabilia and artifacts of mostly Hanna-Barbera cartoons like animation cels and production art of the Flintstones. Before you think animation is kid's stuff.....think about what goes into producing a cartoon, who makes those parts and those who adore it young and old!


Rainbow Honey Mystery Mini January 2015

Whoa really late on this but I'll blog about it now. Well Rainbow Honey never disappoints with their Mystery Bag subscriptions. We got a very but interesting selection here. Love their lip balmsand soaps...feels very nice for me.

The Polishes from Left to Right
Dirty Martini: a milky green with specks of black glitter alias mint ice cream
Lemon Sorbet: A scented, glittery white lemon top coat!
Rosey Bot: Another addition to the Robot Collection. A very Orange-Rosey Shade.


VGC Primer Challenge 2015

Other got a match penality for showing up late by accident and getting some foot exercise while getting lost (curse you map directions!) its fun to return to competitive pokemon battling circuit despite the fact I'm extremely laid back and fun loving about it.....who brings a polar bear into battle with her for years. Well the battle record was one actual with a few close calls....my team dynamics still needs some work. Having two pokemon of the same type on the field is not the best choice of strategy in the world.

Anyway had fun thats the important,...catched up with fellow trainers from the UVIC Pokemon Club (check them out here -->HERE). These are the guys that go......why do you bring a polar bear into battle!?!?!? Hahaha these are fun loving pro-trainers.....I'm the fun loving laid back one who plays dress up at conventions and tournaments. ^_^ I was thrilled to lost my last match and make the guy so happy! This time I was dressed up as Beartic. Anyway fun loving up high in this tournament as you can see here....haha even the plushies wanted to get in on the blogging action. If these are your plushies feel free to scream out loud!


AniRevo Winter Festival 2015 Con Report

Well what can I say about the first time I went to AniRevo Winter Festival.....other then its was a great event but the venue really needs to bigger....too many people cramped together. However staff was very friendly+helpful and shopping was nice but wish was a little bigger room space. At least there was plenty of food places nearby if you were willing to walk and brave the chill. But it was fun fun....I decided to recycle my Halloween cosplay and go as Dale (Kingdom Hearts)....

Well, I entered the costume contest for fun (like Dale I'm very laid back and fun loving) and the costumes were awesome! Disney Princesses in full blown outfis, the eeveelutions, guys with giant hammers and more! All of us judged by the royal court of Arendelle...Elsa, Anna and Kristoff in awesome outfits too. Well artist alley was interesting as always.....still a very good place to shop for unique gifts for friends. Got one artist to commission an ink sketch of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit....scanned his other works to make sure he can do Oswald justice. Goodthing Oswald is a black and white cartoon star. If you were that artist feel free to scream and thank you! Also partaked in the Pokemon battles abit...they award real buttons as badges akin to Tsukino Con in Victoria. I was only able to challenge and defeat one Gym but was very happy with my accomplishment since I never done competitive face to face battle with this generation of pokemon team and tactics yet, and I'm not in the top ranks of the local circuits. I immediately pinned the badge to my backpack with smiles. I love the live gym badge item...its a souvenir of your accomplishment and a memento of the festival itself. 

Well the dance was fun....simple but add a bunch of cosplayers unwinding and tearing up the dance floors with some awesome moves and you got a party. I been clubbing with friends and well....wow us cosplayers can dance just as well (maybe even better) as night club patrons....and no booze required! Music selection was j-pop, anime and gaming music and hmmm a computer dj set up and "turn table" deck by the looks of it. It was awesome just seeing people let it go and dance....strongly recall one pulling out a light saber while dancing and then I remember...."wait isn't there light saaaabbberr....oh there she is. LIGHT SABER DUEL on the dance floor hahaha!!!

That was one awesome festival...venue just needs to be bigger next time. Here are the pics I took. I forgot to bring my camera so used the 3DS's camera.

Hey Mau5!

Merida and Cinderella. Both of them won awards.

Crowd shot

Dance Crowd Shot


Animated Review - Feast

Shown as the opening act to Big Hero 6, Feast is a short but sweet little gem that must be watched for its story, animation style and multiple times because of all the various little things that occurs in the background to tell the story.

Feast is a story that explores the relationship between a dog named Winston and his master from Winston's puppy years to his golden years told from Winston's POV and the meals he shares with his master. The art style is one of the highlights that stands out....oil pastel like feel with cel shaded touches seen in 3-D is absolute feast to behold and experience. The style also highlights the moods of the scenes, in addition to the meals Winston has...for example in the beginning when Wisnton is a scared stray puppy, the setting is a dark street at night but the brightest coloured object in the scene is a french fry he is offered then when he's in doggy heaven everything is washed in bright sunny colours akin to the fry he was first offered

The theme explore is the love and pleasure Winston gains from the meals he partakes with his master at first, Winston is adopted as a stray puppy after his future master gives him a fry....then all the happy moments of eating junk food with his master after that. However, when his master starts dating, Winston is forced to eat normal dog food which he dislikes. However he soon realizes its not the food that gives him happiness and love but rather its the love his master and others feels when feeding him, which in the end is what Winston gets when his master raises a family and Winston is in doggy heaven with all the love and food he could ever need and want. The interesting thing about Feast also is because the story line is told in quicks cuts of the meals Winstons has with his master...you have to pay attention to little details in the background or Winston's expressions to get a feel of what the story is telling you.

What do you think of Feast?


Rainbow Honey December and November Mystery 2014

Awesome my mystery mini bag from Rainbow Honey for December came and something esle I forgot to post...the Mystery Mini for November too....soooo loving the creative ideas Rainbow Honey comes up with each time. ^_^

November Mystery Mini
Seems to be a very grey set with Frozen Flames.
Frozen Flame seems very nice....a sweetish, candy citrus like scent.
The Two Polishes (Aurora and Greyscale) are nice.
 Aurora is a silvery-gold with blue specks glitter topper, while Grey Scale is silvery grey.

December Mystery Mini
Loving the Russian theme in this very winter set.
The Master is very holiday polish red with gold specks.
Woland looks like a silvery-purple with specks of blues glitter topper.
As for the scent Muscovite....a very deep fruit smell that VERY appropriate for winter.
PS is it just me or has the bottle gotten bigger for minis?


Akimatsuri 2014 Con Report

Well Akimatsuri happened and boy it was tiring but fun, apologizes to anyone who had to deal with an increasingly exhausted me in a boxhead. Akimatsuri is a fall season one day, anime festival and this year it was located in the heart of downtown Vancouver at Robson Square-Ice Rink...annndd it was the same day and area as the Santa Claus parade which lead to some very amusing moments of parade goers wondering "where did all these costumes come from?!?!?!" and both sets of Anna and Elsa cosplayers that showed up were being mobbed by kids for pictures. It was actually kind of cute to witness.

 This was my cosplay....meet the Dj duo & and the masters of electro mashups-fusions, the Djs from Mars. They actually do wear boxheads and never show their real faces ever. I was amused I was getting mistaken for a goomba and getting attention due to the cosplay's obscure nature. Plus I thought it was awesome and hilarious to waltz around downtown boxheaded. The boxhead wasn't that bad-hard to wear.

The festival was awesome...its mini con but still fun. Plus it was the perfect place to shop for that perfect Christmas present thats cute and unique....plenty of cute styles to go around. Got some very nice Frozen and Pokemon art prints to plaster on my sad, bare walls...and buttons!. Love this artist paddling something called "Moon Milk"....got stuff for myself and someone's christmas from this girl. Reminds of the found colour memories of Harujuku and kawaii stuff in tokyo. Plus her accessorys would be style appropriate in rave-clubbing setting. Check her out Here--> mnmlk.com

Cute!!!! Stuff from Moon Milk

To end it off....As for the cosplays that showed up....top notch

Giffany(s) from Gravity Falls....RUN!!!

I just had to take "atmosphere" shots to prove yes cosplayers did go skating and we can do it with grace.

Anna and Elsa...one of the sets that showed up. Awesome!

The Minion with a Rocket Launcher.

Meow Meow

Volcarona from Pokemon. Awesome and coozy for winter

Baymax and Hiro