Rainbow Honey Mystery Mini September 2014

Hey guess what came in the mail today!!! My Rainbow Honey Mystery for the month of September and I say this is an interesting selection. I tried abit of the Pomme Rouge body and it smells very nice, the rose scent is more prominent but the after scent smells like fruity apples. Interesting to see body balm in a stick form works out, I assuming it for those dry patches while traveling. Looking forward to see what esle Rainbow Honey has in store.

The polishes from Left to Right
Asteroid B (Shimmery blue with stars)
Salacis (A Marine Green shade)
Sugarberries (I think I know why...)


Movied Review - Guardians of the Galaxy

It's been a very busy summer for me but still managed to go see a movie namely Guardians of the Galaxy. Usually I don't see super hero movies but after knowing the reviews and hilarious clips of Avengers....I decided to give Guardians a chance and I was starting to love the idea of gun totting Raccoon.

The things that are working for the movie are the inter-cast dynamics, the epic space battles and special effects and the humor woven into the action sequence narrative. We got a pretty good line of up of heroes and cast members. Gamora, the galaxy's deadliest woman with a soft side, loose cannon but loyal Drax and Chris Pratt as the rogue, hero Peter Quill. He's hilarious and a fine dancer. Groot is a tree with a heart of gold and reminds me of another Vin Diesel role, the Iron Giant, plus dude dancing baby Groot! Rocket turned out to be my favorite of the because well there is something epic about a little, fuzzy raccon wailing with a machine gun and he's different, unique in many different ways both physically and mentally.

The special effects are very much what you expect an epic space battle with marvel super heroes would be and maybe more. The spaceship designs are interesting. Ronan's ship is very unfriendly looking black mass, Nova corps are star shaped ships that can project a force field, and Peter's Milano has a slight vintage look to it. In addition the vintage feel of the movie, it carried on through the soundtrack which consists of 70-80's music, which creates an interesting combo, atmosphere. Ex.Peter is dancing on an alien planet in ruins to "Come and Get Your Love" while the credits roll. As for the humor..."oh yeh we're going to need his leg..."

Here's the trailer...


Highlights of Summer Composite

Well August has ended and time to reflect on the highlights of summer.  I thought it would be a great idea to gather all the souvenirs of my moments of summer and make a composite-college type of photograph to illustrate my summer. What would you photograph in your own college?

Program Guide - Night with Cirque Du Soleil's Totem
Autographed Italian-Canadian Flag - The Insane Night with Djs From Mars
Reese Button - The Artist Alley Stints at Mini Comi and SFU Summer Fest
Movie Ticket Stab - Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy with Friends.


Rainbow Honey - August Mystery Mini 2014

Well its been a very hot and long summer, but loving the August Mystery from indie co. Rainbow Honey. Its a very fruity combo to close off summer.....with some hearts and blues that seem to glow under black light. Good for me in clubs. :)

From left to Right:  488nm (looks like a UV glow), Modern Hearts (I can see why...), Royal Fruits Scent Top Coat,
Summer Juice Body Splash, and Royal Fruits Cuticle Balm and Perfume.
Royal fruits is smells very much fruity, but less on cherry and tropical and more...well a more regal, fruity scent of plums and peaches. Keep up the good work Rainbow Honey.


1 Song, 3 Games - Welcome to the Darkside by Djs From Mars

It's been long over due since I posted anything after and please bear with me on the boxheaded related posts again after the anime fests. Anyway it's time to play 1 song through 3 different musical games. The song we have the chopping block is the new single from Djs From Mars (yes those Boxheads), "Welcome to the Darkside". If you didn't notice from my previous posts and my cosplay choice for this summer, Djs From Mars are my favorite djs (along with a bunch of others).

 I would love to thank the guys for giving me the mp3 as a gift and well it turned to be interesting play-through through 3 musical gamed universes. What can I say about the song other then you never expect epic opera vocals mixed with electro sounds in a EDM track. One awesome video too, the monochrome graphics and horror themes, greatly reminds me of the indie game Limbo (Click here for review of Limbo) .

The three musical games being used are Audiosurf, Beat Hazard Ultra, and Symphony. Generally it wasn't hell to playthrough with the exception of the fever pitches, but once the opera vocals come in everything calms down to somewhat serene grace. Playing through on Beat Hazard Ultra was literally a trip through hell in space since 3 bosses showed up....2 of them being the titanic sized snakes. Other then that great job guys and if you two are reading this....I challenge you to play through any of these games and have a high score shoot off!!!

Audiosurf (Mono Pro)- Hmmm it was quite melodic to play-through especially with the opera vocals taking over but wow those electro fever pitches.

Beat Hazard Ultra - (Standard Mode) - It traveling through space was hell this would be close to it, 3 bosses showed up and 2 of them were the giant snakes. A lot of fancy flying moves were needed alot.

Symphony - Actually forgot what happened here other my ship getting nipped and the opera arias sounded and felt nice with a calm blue stage.


Mini Comi 2014 - Where the Boxheads roam.

Well my second artist alley stint for this summer has ended and well...my stint could have better mostly over I didn't make rent but venue was cooler in compare to SFU at least where I was near the doors....and unexpectedly again my cosplay choice was loved despite its obscure nature.

First of this was my table....with my head peeking out waiting to pounce..

This was my view behind me...

For those who are wondering....I forgot to bring my real camera along so I had to take pics with the 3DS, so sorry no cosplay shots since in my opinion what showed up wouldn't look too good cause the Cosplay it self were too awesome for words, let alone a 3DS cam to capture nicely. My favorites were Princess Anna and Rapunzel from Frozen and Tangled respectively, and the Kimono Hatsune Miku......the details and fabrics used on these costumes were so rich and looked so good...it would fit nicely in Disneyland or a similar place like that. I was amazed. Fellow artists were great...took a moment before things into full to use my left over lunch money to get one cute Reese, thats Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Again like at the Summer Festival at SFU, and prob the most fulfilling reward (NOT counting 3DS street passes) of this festival was the fact my obscure cosplay choice was getting more love and attention then I expected. Usually if I do an obscure Cosplay, I'm ignored....

The Cosplay Choice in question is these guys meet the Djs From Mars...nope its NOT me doing a random box gag.

This is how they sound like....non-mash up

Djs From Mars is an Italian dj duo, who are famed masters of EDM mashups (ex. Redfoo+Wreckingball+Journey anyone?), bringing the house down and fine electronic sounds plus one of the top djs in the world right now. They are also known for performing with cardboard boxes on their heads, never showing their real faces ever...it's top secret. The funny part is, the box-head idea came from an early music video they did and thought lets try this live when they started performing in clubs. They just happen to be my friends also, and I wanted to pay tribute to them especially for their kindness, and their not-so ordinary musical skills. I also thought I would be cool to cosplay as them here in Vancouver, and wanted to make my own box head. The boxhead proved to be hilarious as for some odd reason, I was mistaken for a Goomba, or more often a stack of real boxes when sitting down scaring people by accident when I talked or waved. One of my artist alley neighbors kept getting freaked out by it.

 In addition to the original "form", I added my own Martian touch in the form of the alien mutations face paint. The premise is a young Martian having trouble holding her human form hence the eyes appearing on my hand and cheek. I wanted to add that in so I look good when not wearing the box head. I can actually eat and drink while wearing the box via the mouth opening normally. The box again proved to be very useful in shielding my real head from the sun (I'm prone to migraines in the hot sun) outdoors hence why I wore it outside and on to the sky-train platform after the festival. I wonder if the real Djs from Mars ever use their own boxes as sun shields. Someone even wanted an instagram pic of me with my boxhead and helped him (and the djs indirectly) hash tag it properly....wonder if the link works if I post it here. I actually don't own an instagram account or let alone iphone.

Anyway signing off guys....


SFU Summer Festival 2014

Well what can I say about the SFU Summer Festival last week other it was fun, lots of interesting outfits showed up, and I can't remember much due to hell heat. The venue was great and better artist alley condition and position. It also happens to be one of the hottest and most humid summers in Vancouver history, and sorry to anyone who had to put up with a heat annoyed me....I hate hell humidity and heat despite drinking lots of liquids. I did recall some awesome cosplays and I forgot to take pics of them to tending to my table and the heat. I am very thankful to all the staff that came around to make sure the artists were not boiled to death in the hell heat. The other artists looked great and I honestly wish I had time and budget to browse their wares.

Welcome to my table "Engel Bytes" where music, anime and games fuse together...
Facebook Page here--> Engel Bytes

Here's my table...lots of colour things here at Engel bytes including the fan.

Here's my view

Now, much to my surprise, my box-headed cosplay was attracting alot of attention, people thinking I looked awesome and/or cute. The surprising part for me was it was an obscure choice to make here but I wanted to do it anyway. I cosplayed as the Angry Box Head of the Italian Dj duo, Djs from Mars. The Djs from Mars are my favorite djs, one of the top djs in the world (masters of mash ups, EDM and remixes...genre busters) and my friends. In real life, Angry Box and me are almost the same height, so I thought it would be more convincing if I cosplayed as him. They are also famous for performing with cartoon boxes on their heads, never taking them off or revealing their real faces ever during, before and after shows. I wanted to pay tribute to my kind friends....plus I thought it would be so cool to box my head.

This is what Djs from Mars sound like....awesome choice for a cosplay isn't it?

...and this is me and the Real Angry Boxhead from their last gig here in Vancouver.
PS I was Club Cosplaying as Primal Kyogre.
Turns out that cosplay choice was a good call for other reasons too. My Box Head protected my real head from the sun, and dampened loud noises. It wasn't hot at all due to the box head having good ventilation especially if there is a breeze. The Box Face for me looks even more menacing then the original head. The Box Head was the only thing I made not counting the face paint pattern. I was able to find a black tie, black shorts and a white shirt from thrift stores, my own wardrobe and such. The face paint pattern was my own Martian design. I wanted combined both their idea of what Martians look like with my own idea of Martians. My Martians are shape-shifters, so face painted my self to look like a young Martian having trouble holding her human form together hence the Martian "Eye" mutations sprouting out. Anyway hope to see ya all at Mini Comi this weekend.