My Friends are Djs #3 - Inspiration

Inspiration...it can come from anywhere and for high caliber djs.... ALL genres and forms. I found this out in a mini twitter chat with a pair of Dutch djs and that was the inspiration for the 3rd panel in "My Friends are Djs" The genres "boxes" were partly randomly picked and based on real multi-genre influences from my favorite tracks and we got some new characters added to the cast. Meet Klap (blue headphone) and Feest (orange headphone), the Rocket Twins....rocket shaped robot-aliens, excitable and explosive. You might want to run if they literally explode! Although Klap can be negotiated with. The twins are partly inspired by a pair of djs...cough umm I'll let you guess who...hint they're not from Italy.

For this panel, I also went for a "beauty" shot piece....experimenting with water colour paint techniques (I love to blend and wash colours together) and mix medium to achieve the surreal-colourful effects emphasizing the surreal nature of inspirations and feelings.


Retro Video Gaming Expo Vancouver 2015

Oww it was an exhausting adventure which some misdirection (ok who listed the venue wrong!?) but wow it was an awesome time at the Retro Gaming Expo in Vancouver. That was so much fun and nostalgic at the same time. This is an one day expo dedicated to all things retrogaming include vendors selling vintage gaming devices and games for the N64, old Nintendo system, Playstations of ALL generations, Dreamcasts.....I think you know what I mean....and Retro Gaming Tournaments. Managed to score my self a pair of game (FreakyForms ad Disney Magical World) from the vendorshall and I came dressed as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! Oswald is Mickey Mouse's older half brother (was created by Walt Disney BEFORE Mickey Mouse  in the 1920's) and Co-Star of Epic Mickey

Man it was a packed theater!

Well the one retro gaming tournament I entered was Mario Kart 64. Wow I haven't played Mario Kart in a long while...let alone on the N64 but had fun with it anyway...and apparently I still instinctively still remembered how to play and the controls....and some how managed first place in round one with a 9 second lead O_O....wow I think the guys were kind of surprised too. I even remembered the spots where I kept crashing in the old days  ^_^.Actually I was kind of surprised I was doing well...even a friend I bumped into was cheering me on in round 2 hehehe thanks. Well got knocked out in the 4th round...still had fun ^_^.....I hate Yoshi's Valley! <--Very colourful language in the old days with this course!

In addition, another game I played with was a live demo of an upcoming indie game called Tumblestone.

Being a fan of action-puzzle games I had to try. I give this one a very good score. The demo was 4 player set up and I say it was fun and felt easy to "pick up and go" based on watching other players. Plus liken the "humor" and art style....Sausage Kings really???? HAHAHAHa I'm guessing comedy is on the plate! The basic rule...clear the board by collecting 3 blocks of the same colour or esle....BOOM more blocks to deal with which gets kind of frantic-fun when playing against other people. Hehe this game looks very promising and I hope the release goes well for this team.

Check out Tumblestone Here --> Tumblestone

Artist Alley and Vendors were good...small but good. Got a pokeball soap (with a toy inside) for Clean Geeks. HAhah loved the soaps these guys were selling...the game cartridges looks so real apparently people were messaging the artisan on "it won't fit into my console". Thought the products were a unique fixture in any artist alley.
Check them at here --> Clean Geeks

Also got a cute Poro (I recently started playing League of Legends) from Karu Crafts Check then out here --> KaruCrafts

...and a Print of Ecco the Dolphin. Loving the humorous art style of this print. Wow didn't expect Ecco...I wonder if anyone esle remember. If you were that artist please feel free to scream!!!

Well that was my funtimes at the Retro Gaming Expo...see ya next time!


Rainbow Honey Mystery Mini - February and March

Owww wow been lazy on this here's the Rainbow Honey Mystery Minis for February and March! As usual Rainbow Honey never disappoints in colours and surprises!

For February...a romantic and fun shades fit for February! Carnival Candy is very a sweet-candy scent akin to cotton candy and a party!

For March....a pastry theme going with Pastel Shades (with the exception of one sparkly, nebula blue) and perfumes with "tasty" dessert scents.


My Friends are Djs #2 - Behind the Decks

Hey it's time for the next installment in my webcomic, "My Friends are Djs". This week it's "Behind the Decks"

Now the "what really happens..." pic is obviously a cartoon representation of what I felt when I was invited into the dj booth of master djs during a set! Its really is a hive of activity and was scared to even touch the decks for fear of messing something up.



Webcomic Project - My Friends are Djs - #1 Djs Backstage

Decided to have some fun and enjoyment...started up a little webcomic series. "My Friends Are Djs"...what could happened with some insane aliens in the world of electronic music. Some influences were based on my experiences with Djs and their world. The TV headed djs are Martians named Poco (headphone on his right) and Alto (headphone on his left), and their design-personality cues draw inspiration from Djs From Mars, Daft Punk and Cazzette, in terms of technological headgear and the box shape. The little flying angel-fairy (named Breeze) is based on well....take a good guess.

A few glitches but feel good about this short project...
Here's panel #1 of My Friends Are Djs - Djs Backstage


Movie Magic of Once Upon a Time

I admit, I'm not a fan of Once Upon a Time but when movie magic happens right at your front door....and your friend is a Once Upon a Time fan...you just have to bring your camera out and document the happenings soo..

The main reason why I know about the many film shoots is, my family runs a store in Steveston, the village that stands in for Storybook, Maine in Once Upon a Time. Seriously we store merchants only get the film notice with all the details at the last moment about like 1-2 weeks. Steveston like the rest of Vancouver is used as movie sets for several productions....Once Upon a Time being the big one and the others include the recent Godzilla movie, Bates Motel....so many productions to the point I actually get some of them mixed up.

The village gets the movie set dressing one day before the actual filming takes place and takes about 6 hours to put up. It's incredibly surreal to see familiar surroundings transformed like this.

Since its was filming a major scene for the season finale which involves wind machines, fake lightning and a film session lasting into the night...the fans really came out in droves to watch the filming. I'm surprised some even brought the cards out AND come from out of town and the country. I chatted with some nice people too as I was observing everything.

If you are any of these fans...feel free to SCREAM!

As for filming itself...something big and important is going on cause the big film equipment was being brought out and I saw actors and prop cars being moved into position. Plus a large section of Moncton Street was blocked for such aspects.

Wonder what all this filming is going to end up as hmmm....this should be interesting. Tuning out!

PS Check out my previous adventure in Once movie making featuring the cast of Frozen --> Here


Gamer's Review - Transistor

Welcome to Cloudbank, a city in a constant state of flux and the setting this Sci-Fi beauty, Transistor. You play as Red, one of the hottest singers to grace the stage of Cloudbank is now the city's only heroine to stop a robotic army called The Process, hell bent on wrecking havoc in the city.

The premise is interesting....in Cloudbank public opinion is taken for all decisions from the weather to government decisions, ever in a state of constant flux according to the whims of the people which what motivates the antagonist shadow society to act according to what they believe is for the good of Cloudbank. In addition, the exact nature of the robots, the Process, is surrounded in enigma and mystery, not functioning like normal robots. Not much is known about these robots except they are connected to the upkeep of Cloudbank and hell bent on wrecking the city to pieces like the cold machines they are. Red, the heroine, is what you can say a bystander in all of these and just trying to survive the chaos, wielding the much sought sword the transistor. The sword speaks with the voice of someone very important to Red as hinted in her body language, when both of them work and travel together in Cloudbank.

Gameplay mechanics is very exotic in the form of the Turn() technique, you can stop time and queue up techniques to use then watch the plan unfold in quickly in real time as soon as you unfreeze time. I admit it took some getting used to and I kept dealing with enemies the old-fashion way of slicing in real-time (and kept dying as a result) but it was awesome and much effective to stop time and plan out my moves to win the battle.

The art style is what shines too and actually I was enthralled with it. Yes its a sci-fi setting but with heavy doses of art deco style features, a colour palette predominantly golds, greens, browns and reds, and design motifs of triangles and "eyes". All with a handpainted look and feel. The robots, the process stands in stark contrast to their surroundings, as far as design features go....very abstract-surreal forms, and colour palette of whites with unsettling, blood red coloured "eyes". Music is also a very important part of the game with Red being a singer and basically it helps paint the mood of Cloudbank as a city. One of the best soundtracks I ever heard for a video game. Its electronic sounds mixed with something enigmatic, surreal and morbid. "All Becomes One" would be a favorite track and never had such an interesting boss battle like some surrealist electronic sounds of the fight with Sybil.

In conclusion...Transistor was one very interesting ride and one the most beautiful ones I ever experienced.....tuning out...