Gamer's Review - A City Sleeps

Well included in this week's Humble Weekly Bundle...we have "A City Sleeps" from Harmonix (developer of Rock Band) and this is a very musical in nature and a bullet hell to play through. You play Poe, a dream hunter whose job is to hunt down the nightmares haunting the people of SanLo City.

For those new to what bullet hell means....basically gameplay is "For Heavens Sake AVOID the bullets and weave!" In addition you have to unleash your own wave of bullets against hordes of nightmares and utilizing "idols" to place your ghostly allies in to aid in your fight, for example placing a Mercy ghost in an idol will cause the idol to generate health benefits.

Music is a huge part of the experience. Everything from the enemies popping up, their bullets and Poe's bullets move-timed to the rhythm and beat of the soundtrack. The soundtrack in question is a fusion of heavy electronic influences fused with urban, hip-hop beats mostly, with some other genre touches depending on the level's style. Art Style is reflective of the music style too....its like a fusion of comic book arts mixed with surreal dream fantasies and the style and bright colours of urban electronic raves with touches of hip-hop culture.

Well so far so good....


My Friends Are Djs #13 - Fans and Support

Didn't have much time this week to come up with a new comic but still managed one....and made it to the point. After observing the fan bases of various different djs and such, I noticed something. They can either give you wings and fly or they can drag you down with their fanaticism. In addition, I wanted to give the fan butterflys, a positive side beyond being stand in for fanatic fans and cannon fodder....plus made a slight pun at a particular Martin Garrix song.


My Friends Are Djs #12 - Endorsements

Well djs can do unexpected promos at times and....I didn't expect Djs From Mars together with Dr. Lektroluv to do a shaving campaign mostly because they're both masked djs of the strange kind but at the same time not surprised because of the insane popularity of EDM style music nowadays. Either way it was just a little too tempting not to be inspired to create a comic on that notion and the sheer shock of AHH (my real djs friends will understand why AHH)...have a little fun with it hehehe. Hehe I don't know if to call it hilarious or epic...not a bad track hehehe.

This was the Commercial....

This is the WIP sketch...speech was slightly different

And this is the final comic....


My Friends Are Djs #11 - Shoe Box

Well this was based on tweet a pair of Dutch djs I'm on good relations and some what acquaintances with made to me.....and also could be a joke (highly) or not (just as highly) but according to them they do carry a luggage bag of shoes! So I made the Rocket Twins carry around a box of extra feet because they always burn their feet on tour during sets...also referencing the explosive nature of the real life dj inspiration's sets. To more happy panels in the future BLAST!!!!


My Friends are Djs #10 - Kitty Clock

Have you been ever waken up by your cat at 2am?! I have by my old cat, a grey, pure bred Persian kitty we adopted along with his brother. He was fuzzy, a total whiner with a match voice and had some issues....which was channeled into Breezey's pet kitten...Thiv! The fuzzy alarm clock who is not tune filled! Plus we get to see Breezey's bedroom. Yes she sleeps in an egg shaped bed-pod chair, hangs her "hair pin" wings when sleeping and has posters of her favorite djs posted up on her walls.


My Friends Are Djs #9 - 3..2..1..FIRE!

Really during any dj's set especially ones with pyrotechnics involved....STAY away from the stage area!!! Comic was partly inspired by real fans getting into mischief by sneaking on stage which includes almost getting torched by fireworks. It's nothing to be proud of and very dangerous!!!

We have a new cast member to the line up and next female after Breezey. Meet "Major Tom", a half-Martian/half-human alien abductee living on Mars and travels around in a robotic shell like all Martians. She is also the wife of Alto, and their official pyrotechnics expert for the dj TV box duo. She's an excitable, "controlled" pyromaniac and is very good at her job; inventing new gadgets and special effects for the TV Head's shows. Alto told me he married her for her energy and passion. She is named after the 80's song by Peter Schilling, "Major Tom".


My Friends Are Djs #8 - Scourage of Space

This one goes out to all the djs I know who had to fight through hell and back for what they love and to get to where they are now. This piece was made in response to the Hollywood cliche outlook of how the dj life and road success is like. From my first hand experiences with djs, I very much know the cliche is pure fantasy and there are many trials and tribulations that can last for years on the road to success....I felt so passionate I decided to draw a metaphor outlining that. I did not stop until it completed which was in the wee hours of the mourning.

This is the WIP pencil Sketch

and the Final Painted Comic

The titular "Scourage of Space" is so far the hardest, most complex character to be conceive. It took several tries to make it look "right" and meant to be a demonic force representing adversity faced by djs in their journey. In comic-universe, The Scourage is a horrible, massive alien monster born from the darkest shadows of Mars, that constantly tormented Martians society for eons both emotionally and physically. Huge, strong, immortal, and seemingly appears-reappears like a ghost attacking entire cities. The scary part being, Scourage is intelligent and seeks to cause torment for sport & pleasure. Design-wise, Scourage is recycled from an old sketch idea book of a "space demon" which combines insect, centaur and cobra traits with alien colours. The name "Scourage" is accidental misspelling of "Scourge" to highlight his tormenting pleasure. 

Fortunately for us, the battle is just a flash back lesson being given to Breezey (fairy) and Bitz (Cat-Bot Dj) by the Tv Heads....here Poco is showing off the Daft Punk/Cazzette influences of their design cues. Despite the "happy-expression" on Alto's face as he's explaining the "Scourage"..he's still mentally tormented by that monster. In the flash back....Alto and Poco are spinning a shield made of pure gravity and sound energy to repulse the attacks from Scourage.

Check out Panel #8 and others at the tumblr home -->http://myfriendsaredjswebcomic.tumblr.com/
So long til next time.