Rainbow Honey October Mystery Mini 2014

Whoa totally late with this one but here it is the Rainbow Honey Mystery Mini for October. I say this one has a very candy scent-theme going....of course its October Halloween Candy season. This batch came with two polishes, base coat, lip balm soap and perfume. The Soap and Perfume smells very sweet-candy in notes....Sweet November they call it. Lip Balm is L'Orange Ganache, very orange-chocolate scent.

The polishes
Brown : Cafe Con Leche (A light Brown alias coffee with milk)
Purple: Zi (a sheer, shimmering purple)
 The thing I love about Rainbow shades is....the colour palette really appeals to the cosplayer side of me. Super fun shades. Here's "Cafe Con Leche" being used as part of my Dale (as in Chip and Dale) cosplay manicure.

Excited to see what esle Rainbow Honey comes up with.


Once Upon a Time in Steveston

Well even though I have no interest in "Once Upon a Time", there is something very magical when a film shoot happens right in your own backyard, your fellow cosplayer is a Once fan and I do love Frozen. That's right I work in the real village that stands in for Storybrooke in "Once Upon a Time", Steveston, BC in Canada. Steveston is an ols, heritage fishing village known for its fish market, interesting assortment of stores, food and people, and like the rest of Vancouver....has a habit of playing host to movie productions, like "Once Upon a Time" and the recent "Godzilla" movie.

During my work breaks, if there is a filming session going on, I like to see whats going on and maybe sneak in a few pics. Well this is almost all the pics I managed to snap up.

This bunch was taken with the 3DS's camera and it was around winter time last year.

Honestly we don't know when they'll film until like 1-2 weeks in advance. Most of the shops seen on screen are actual stores, so if you come and visit, you can vary much shop around the stores. The only fake store is the Storybrooke Pet Shelter, which is now Any Given Sundae....I suspect its the storage space for film props. The set dressings takes about one day to set up, then filming occurs next day.

 This next bunch was taken with a normal camera and warmer seasons. 

This "Building" is actually just vinyl sheets covering a wooden frame.
This is suppose to be the Sheriff's Office and eventually a wall with a "hole" was
added with a prop lamp post falling over with sparks.

On the last film session, I was very lucky enough snap up pics of the actors and actresses playing Anna, Elsa and Kristoff. I do love Frozen. The cast was very friendly and I was amazed at Elizabeth Lail's skill at playing Anna. She was complaining of sweating in her dress (just look at it!) but she stayed very upbeat and happy like Anna. That's staying in character.....or is it????

Queen Elsa (Georgina Haig) in the flesh.

Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster) and Anna (Elizabeth Lail)

Anna (Elizabeth Lail) upclose.
Look at the detail on her outfit!
Remember when you watch Once Upon a Time...remember you're seeing a real, working village and it's name is Steveston, BC in Canada.


First Dip into Dconstructed

I have to admit when I heard that Disney tunes was getting an electric dance remix makeover, I was both dreading it's going to be a train wreck especially with some of the choices being picked (plus not going to mention past some certain attempts at Dance remixes..COUGH Blue (Da Be Dee) Goofy ver.) and this is could be something good with some pretty sweet djs were picked as remixers, which include Avicii, and Armin Van Buuren.
Liking the stylized, cubic art look of the cover and booklet. 

Well had a quick listen through the album and I can honestly say...It's not that bad, actually surprising good in some places with me loving certain tracks but I felt more could have been pushed with the bold electronic-clubbing sounds. I think I know why it's called "Dconstructed" What surprised me at first was...this was some heavy club influence sounds for a Disney album....varying amounts of disney nostalgia/feel with each tracks and some tracks sound so different from their original source, that its almost another song! Still trying to make sense of a few tracks. The original sources vary from the obvious choice Tron, to Dumbo and then Frozen <--This made me excited! TRIVIA! The one of the few non "remix" on this Album is "Partysaurus Overflow" which is inspired by the main theme of the Toy Story short, "Partysaurus Rex". *See Short Review Here --> (Here)

The tracks I like, are both Tron remixes (Avicii feat. Negin "So Amazing Remix" and Japanese Popstars Remix), "Let It Go (Armin Van Buuren Remix), and Kaskade's House Version take on "Baby Mine". Tron, out of all the Disney soundtracks, would be the best to remix electronic dance wise. Avicii's take on "Derezzed" sounds so different with the vocal addition especially, that it feels like another track and it sounds like abit of Avicii's earlier sounds. Despite the name "Japanese Popstars remix", the other Tron remix "Fall", is NOT a J-Pop remix....more like an electronic battle field of a remix. Armin Van's take on "Let It Go" is very different souning from the source but it's a good trance remix but I felt more could have been done with the vocals besides including only the chorus. Queen Elsa sounds awesome echoing in Trance space but more please. Awesome music video though. Kaskade's take on "Baby Mine" from Dumbo was one of the choices I was dreading over but surprisingly good and not butchering the original....it feels very relaxing, melodic, and soft in a dream like way. More cover then remix.

Overall, in my humble opinion, both the Disney and Music loving sides of me are satisfied despite feeling more could have been pushed. To be honest, this is one of the better remix albums Disney has issued. For other people...I highly recommend listening to the previews cause this album will "sing" differently for people which could be a shocker....and to end this review off...the official music videos from Disney's youtube channel for you to "sound check". Enjoy!

Circle of Life (Mat Zo Remix)

Derezzed (So Amazing Mix)

Let It Go (Armin Van Buuren Remix)


Rainbow Honey Mystery Mini September 2014

Hey guess what came in the mail today!!! My Rainbow Honey Mystery for the month of September and I say this is an interesting selection. I tried abit of the Pomme Rouge body and it smells very nice, the rose scent is more prominent but the after scent smells like fruity apples. Interesting to see body balm in a stick form works out, I assuming it for those dry patches while traveling. Looking forward to see what esle Rainbow Honey has in store.

The polishes from Left to Right
Asteroid B (Shimmery blue with stars)
Salacis (A Marine Green shade)
Sugarberries (I think I know why...)


Movied Review - Guardians of the Galaxy

It's been a very busy summer for me but still managed to go see a movie namely Guardians of the Galaxy. Usually I don't see super hero movies but after knowing the reviews and hilarious clips of Avengers....I decided to give Guardians a chance and I was starting to love the idea of gun totting Raccoon.

The things that are working for the movie are the inter-cast dynamics, the epic space battles and special effects and the humor woven into the action sequence narrative. We got a pretty good line of up of heroes and cast members. Gamora, the galaxy's deadliest woman with a soft side, loose cannon but loyal Drax and Chris Pratt as the rogue, hero Peter Quill. He's hilarious and a fine dancer. Groot is a tree with a heart of gold and reminds me of another Vin Diesel role, the Iron Giant, plus dude dancing baby Groot! Rocket turned out to be my favorite of the because well there is something epic about a little, fuzzy raccon wailing with a machine gun and he's different, unique in many different ways both physically and mentally.

The special effects are very much what you expect an epic space battle with marvel super heroes would be and maybe more. The spaceship designs are interesting. Ronan's ship is very unfriendly looking black mass, Nova corps are star shaped ships that can project a force field, and Peter's Milano has a slight vintage look to it. In addition the vintage feel of the movie, it carried on through the soundtrack which consists of 70-80's music, which creates an interesting combo, atmosphere. Ex.Peter is dancing on an alien planet in ruins to "Come and Get Your Love" while the credits roll. As for the humor..."oh yeh we're going to need his leg..."

Here's the trailer...


Highlights of Summer Composite

Well August has ended and time to reflect on the highlights of summer.  I thought it would be a great idea to gather all the souvenirs of my moments of summer and make a composite-college type of photograph to illustrate my summer. What would you photograph in your own college?

Program Guide - Night with Cirque Du Soleil's Totem
Autographed Italian-Canadian Flag - The Insane Night with Djs From Mars
Reese Button - The Artist Alley Stints at Mini Comi and SFU Summer Fest
Movie Ticket Stab - Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy with Friends.


Rainbow Honey - August Mystery Mini 2014

Well its been a very hot and long summer, but loving the August Mystery from indie co. Rainbow Honey. Its a very fruity combo to close off summer.....with some hearts and blues that seem to glow under black light. Good for me in clubs. :)

From left to Right:  488nm (looks like a UV glow), Modern Hearts (I can see why...), Royal Fruits Scent Top Coat,
Summer Juice Body Splash, and Royal Fruits Cuticle Balm and Perfume.
Royal fruits is smells very much fruity, but less on cherry and tropical and more...well a more regal, fruity scent of plums and peaches. Keep up the good work Rainbow Honey.