My Friends Are Djs #27 - Storage of Music History

Well this panel came out of a brain storming sketch session for this week's comic. I thought it would straight to the point and slightly amusing/funny to outline the in nutshell history. Partially I was inspired by record stores still in business (like our family store's neighbor in Steveston Beat Merchant) and their patrons (including me) which still collect vinyls and CDs in the age of digital downloads and mp3s. Trust me there is still a market for such things among collectors...often I see customers waltzing out next door with vinyl purchases in their hands. For personally, I still love CDs because I feel "complete" with the actual disc in my collection and CDs have very clear sound quality over digital streams. Anyway thats my opinion....AND NOW....in the comic universe music produces energy which keeps their world in balance. So thats what the blue wisps are. Different genres produce different energies.

PS yep at the last minute I added in cassettes (yes I made a spelling mistake in comic) after i realize...."oh dear I forgot..how could I?". Thank you watching Guardians of the Galaxy and Peter's moves.


My Friends Are Djs #26 - "Better with Time"

Well I wanted to introduce a "veteran" dj to the cast and so here he is....Meet Komodo, Sandstorm's older brother. Komodo was inspired by veteran djs Mauro Picotto and Tiesto. Like his younger brother, Komodo's is a former military Martian, whose shell shape is based off a highly stylized lizard in this case a Komodo Dragon alluding to Mauro Picotto's old track "Komodo" but unlike his brother....he is has a very solemn, sully but fatherly deposition. He is Bitz the Cat's mentor. In addition, I wanted to highlight just how long good djs play the music biz game after reading an article Signor Picotto posted about old veteran djs in the biz getting better with time. The one regret I have is...I couldn't think of anything esle to draw in that shows Komodo's age.


My Friends Are Djs #25 - Comebacks!

The main inspiration behind this panel was certain tracks but in particular ONE track from my early teens and dance days which has returned bigger then ever I might say....Darude's Sandstorm. I was very amused that it returned suddenly out of the blue after 16 years of first hearing when it first burst on to the dance airways. Man that track and Darude were very much on fire at the time and I still remember watching Darude perform on the old "Electric Circus" program. I also remember being poked fun by the "in-crowd" for my love of dance music...being seen as "uncool" with Sandstorm being used as an example. Now I giggle in amusement cause it seems the "in-crowd" finds tracks like Sandstorm are "cool".

I just handled this panel like a simple physical, gag comedy.....you make a hit....BOOM it comes back bigger then ever. Plus meet a new character...Sandstorm. He is named after the track "Sandstorm" obviously and a Martian in a robotic, military shell. His shell colours is meant to resemble a highly stylized desert reptile. He and and his older brother (soon to make a debut) are meant to represent veteran djs who have been around in the music scene for a very long time. Enjoy!


My Friends Are Djs #24 - Friendship

With the last week of voting for DJ Mag top 100 left...I thought it would be a good time to put up this panel. I do love my DJ friends for the people they are and I was just purely thankful we're similar in personality and get along very well....them being the top DJs in the world was just a "side" bonus. So this is my artistic idea of that feeling. Went for the straight to the point approach for this one. AT first I wanted to have them hugging....then I realized how can they hug without looking silly...if they have no actual arms. So went for the TV Heads giving Breezey anti-gravity ride through the clouds. She looks happy.


My Friends Are Djs #23 - Humble Gifts

Now on occasion djs do give away gifts mostly in the form of mp3s.....if that does happen remember to thank the dj for it....this is the inspiration behind this panel and my thanks to all those many djs were nice enough to give gifts to their fans, which include real life djs which partly served as the inspiration for Rocket Twins, TV Heads, and Bitz....Blasterjaxx, Djs From Mars, and Martin Garrix respectively....Grazies.


My Friends Are Djs #22 - Let It Boom

For this one and due to lack of time to due stuff non-comic related.....I just went right to the point and the artistic route. Whatever is your music....whether its the kind of music you make or the music you love....make it boom with joy and love.


My Friends Are Djs #21 - Feed Feuds

Even if you're a dj or not....don't make your feuds public for all to see whether its on social media or live action in public, its not pretty....you might not mean those words so better make them private if you feel the need to vent. Especially in this day and age of social media and digital tech....this kind of stuff seems to happen more in real time. This feed is not based on any real life dj-social media feuds in particular but rather a general-non fictional example of a "childish" feud made public, in respect to real djs. The Rocket Twins were chosen to show some inter brother dynamics between them.