My Friends Are Djs #7 - Touring Life

Reminded by the perils and hi-jinxes djs experience when traveling....having a mid-UFO collision mmmmiiiiggghht be bit of a stretch. Apparently the Rocket Twins are strong, energetic and insane enough to travel without the use of vehicles and be able to knock an anti-gravity lifted UFO off balance. The Martian TV Heads's UFO design is based off a jellyfish, in keeping with the established Martian sea creature like traits, and is named "Le Medusa", which is Italian for "Jellyfish"....I could make jokes about touring life for a bit.


Rainbow Honey Mystery Mini - April and May

Well besides me being lazy with psoting these things...Rainbow Honey never disaapoints with its Mystery Minis...here they are!

Seems to be a very purple month with touches of fruity drinks with April.
Melon Fizz (Lip Scrub and Balm) is a very fruity melon scent akin to summer memories
 and Pomelo (Cuticle Oil) has a very apple juice smell.
The Polishes from Left to Right
Delphine (delicate lilac), Thistle Tresses (blue-purple glittery overlay), Eidolon (shimmery purple)

Fruity Cocktails theme this month. Feels like a night in Miami or Ibiza.
Twisted Ice (Cooling Gel), Mojito Clasico (Perfume), and Pina Coco-Colada smeel very nice.
The Polishes from Left to Right
Juicy Orange Pop (no kidding!), Neon Yoshimi (that's going to look good in a club), and Laguna Grande (looks like a tropical beach color)


My Friends Are Djs #6 - A La Carte

It's Djs can work up a BIG appetite on tour and the favorite food is not always fine dining cuisines....more like stuff "ordinary" people enjoy and love. We get to see the TV headed djs's real forms somewhat....they always hide their true forms from public eyes and what you see is only parts of it. Insects and sea creatures were chosen as the inspirations for the Martians because they're "creepy" traits, to pay tribute to the classical depictions of "bug-eyed" Martians, and one of the real life dj influences are big fans of insects (plus they REALLY love hamburgers). Poco (the short one) was inspired by sea slugs and centipedes, while Alto (the big one) used influences of sea dragons (type of sea horse) and Japanese beetles.

See what I come up with next week....PS Poco is eating Martian Nuri-Balls, while Alto is eating earthly Hamburgers stacked high!


Gamer's Review - OTTTD

Hot off the weekly humble bundle its OTTTD and who cares what the acronym means other then this is one hilarious and fun game! HAHAHHA I admit if it wasn't part of the humble bundle...I wouldn't have gotten it because of my reluctant with RTS and Tower Defense Games but hahaha this is one hilarious surprise.

The premise and the excuse to blow anything up is on behalf of a mercenary mega corp....you travel to alien planets to how should I put it...destroy them before they destroy us! What kind of alien menaces? Zombies, Rocket armed crabs.....nuclear powered dolphins (or is that a cod-porpoise???) armed to the teeth for battle...yep very whacky indeed. In addition the heroes are cliches of Hollywood action-sci-fi...the cliche quoting hero, Germanic strongmen, the Russian Sniper....Very tongue in cheek, over the top humor and satire with matching cartoony graphics and violence.

The gameplay mechanics falls in line with other tower defense games with a RPG elements tossed in when leveling up and upgrading the heroes with skills to match preferred play style. Flow of game felt like pick up and go....rush rush we're under attack by aliens while maintaining-upgrading the towers. Strategy is very much required when facing a giant alien monster....watch the turtle.

In conclusion....I wasn't expecting that much hilarious fun and probably one of the most insane games I ever play....nuclear powered dolphins????


My Friends Are Djs #5 - Don't Stand Too Close To The Speakers

The idea for this panel was simple....Really in the club...face you ears away and don't stand too close to the speaker's "blast range" unless you have ear protection! Those speakers really!!!!! pack a punch!!! We also get to see Martians use their anti-gravity feet of their tv shells to do mundane tasks like climbing a tower speaker without extra pulleys, equipment, etc.

Does it need more Bass?!!?!?


Free Comic Book Day 2015

Its that time of the year in all things pop culture and geeky....Free Comic Book Day! Every year on the first Saturday of May...comics book stores across North America offer free comic books. Its samples (given out specifically for FCBD) to promote new comics coming out and to encourage business to comic book stores. Well I just had to go out and visit Golden Age Collectibles in the heart of downtown Vancouver for this event. Especially when one of the free comics available is Pokemon!

The "pick up" mission was impressive + fun....it was busy right at opening with a line up and lots of people. It was a pick 4 comics ONLY rule at this store, and it was a BIG selection to choose from. According to my fellow Cosplayer Gamer Girrl from Alberta said it was a pick 3 deal at her place (Wizards in Edmonton) BUT if you make a donation to cancer charity...you get to pick whatever you want.

Well this is what I picked...this is fun!
Rabbids (+ others), Steampunk Goldilocks, Gronk, and Pokemon

Check out whats Free Comic Day is all about here --> Free Comic Book Day


My Friends are Djs #4 - Rabid Fans

Well you can guess what the inspiration behind the next panel is.....rabid fans. On occasion djs do reply to me on twitter and their fans Fav/RT that reply. Really quite happy-humble about it but one particular moment sticks out after a particular young, Dutch Dj tweeted me a reply....and I got semi-swarmed with notifications of Favs/RTs from his fans of THAT reply...still happening and fortunately rarely. I wasn't bothered just greatly amused and well....was a little O_O stunned. Another source of inspiration is I have to keep things low profile relatively when meeting my dj friends face to face at clubs to avoid unwanted attention from other club patrons. I honestly don't know how Breezey is able to pull out a flamethrower (+ matching outfit) out of thin air....plus its PURELY a comical metaphor

Well we got a character to the cast...Meet Bitz. A tiny "cute" dj meant to invoke the very young, handsome djs burning up the charts. Personality wise he's youthful in spirit, wise for his age, polite but panics-impulsive at times...also the antennae sticking out of his head suggests something....mysterious, unsettling. He is also so far the only dj character without a known twin. Was actually a little tricky to come up with a "cute" design that's distinct from the other dj characters...so just made it cat-like cause...cute factor and no other dj character has "Ears" yet.

Do how does it look?