My Friends Are Djs #34 - Make-Up Prep

In brainstorming just draw it down session, and the fact I'm kind of going through this at the moment with the preparations with an upcoming club night and an artist alley stint...which make up to use etc, which gets kind of interesting for me if you know paint a sizable percentage of my body and face in face paint for both clubbing and normal cosplays at times. Yep its true cosplayers might have a diverse make up collection to match different cosplays, looks and colours.


My Friends Are Djs #33 - "A Simple Door"

Thinking about the current social mood right now...I decided to go the surreal and abstract/ experimental route with this panel. Often in life the seemingly "simple" answer is actually very complex and may not be right in front of your nose. This piece is a digital and traditional mixed medium experimental exercise. First the actual room was hand drawn and then painted...then the flowers were cropped and edited into the piece digitally on the computer. All these done..using only the system's built in paint and photo editing programs. Not the most sophisticated method but it does the job and I'm very happy to try out a very experimental approach. The picture was photographed by me at Buchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia.


My Friends Are Djs #32 - "Rainy Days"

Plucked out sketch from a brainstorming session for this turn.....this sketch was inspired by a particular massive, high profile EDM festival that drowned by rainstorms and turned in a mudfest of the hellkind...not mentioning which festival it was. Other then hehe better pack for rains in the rainy season....and it was fun experimenting with different tools Breezey replaces her "hair pins" with.


My Friends Are Djs #31 - Lucid

I admit I was so caught with things ont his end that I forgot to plan out properly this week's panel..so I looked through my pencil sketches for ideas....then I stumbled upon the sketch for Lucid - the hallucinatory fiend and the doom of Neptune. For a quick recap is a surreal "space demon" who is extremely lazy but emits a gas that causes very vivid and dangerous hallucinations. I was also thinking...after the wild Halloween parties, I wonder how many people are recovering from hangover and trippy moments?! I just went wild with the water colour washes to reflect Lucid's trippy nature...wished the scanning brought out the colours more.

PS I have never taken drugs and never plan to ever....I'm already very familiar with its effects.


My Friends Are Djs #30 - Just Push Play??

One of things in the dj world that absolutely overwhelms me and looks like "magic" to me is....the actual dj deck set up....this panel is an abstraction of those feelings. When I saw my friend's set up in action everything looked alien to me and it felt like a hive nest's activity...it was absolute WHOA! I'm very scared to even touch a set up in fear of wrecking something. However I'm kind of aware of whats going on with djs mixing behind the decks and I'm always keenly observing in interest.....its more then just pushing play!

This particular high-tech dj deck belongs to Komodo, the old Martian, veteran dj. His decks is mostly an abstract-fictional concept but inspired by the futuristic look of computer dj decks and the touch screen mixing set up demostrated by Dj Gabry Ponte here...I would be very surprised if an actual dj comes out, looking like Komodo's decks.


My Friends Are Djs #29 - Cast of 2014-15

Well it been a short while with this humble comic project but I'm happy and having fun with this....I always wanted to do a "class" photo shot and I thought this would be the right time in particular because....if you're an electronic music fan you very much know what time of the EDM world year this is. Overall, I think the piece went well except I wish I did the look of the Desert brothers (Sandstorm and Komodo) better and slight mistake on inking Bitz...with a small cast of species from various different planets and colours its been a happy ride so far. The quote was added at the last moment.....in response to negative responses to the top 100 djs results. Two dj pals (if you're reading this you know who you are) of mine had something to say..."Music Should Unite, Not Divide". I thought it would be the perfect finishing touch to a cast of friends panel.


My Friends Are Djs #28 - Gun Rum

Well during a brain storming sketch session I thought it would be hilarious after thinking the times I saw patrons in clubs over do it on the booze (fun fact...I have never consumed alcohol in a club before)....what if I could invent the world's most dangerous/explosive cocktail AND it can be used a dangerous licensed weapon....take a look at the "Gun Powder Rum Rocket". Made of 4 ingridients including something not of this world. Fun fact, rum was actually, reportedly mixed with gunpowder back int he pirating days. Please DO NOT try at home there is a reason why gunpowder is not an ingredient any more!!!